Episode 41: Why I walked away from the fitness modeling industry with Danielle Pascente

Danielle Pascente is a personal trainer, wellness personality, and founder of The Kickass Training Guides. A well-rounded athlete her whole life, Danielle became a personal trainer straight out of college, coaching celebrities, CEOs, and the regular weekend warrior.

Early on in her career, Danielle moved to LA and worked odd jobs, even if it was just a $200 day gig from a casting network. Her life (and career) changed quite rapidly when she landed the cover spread for Runner’s World magazine—all from sending a cold letter to the editor. After years in the fitness modeling industry Danielle waved goodbye to all of it, wanting to pursue something more fulfilling. Danielle shares her story of hustling in LA, why she left her modeling career, and why the online industry is never as easy as it seems.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her fitness background: She was an athlete her whole life, swimming competitively then cheerleading in college
  • When she became a personal trainer: Straight out of college
  • How she transitioned out of big box gyms: Doing house calls
  • How she made rent when she fired all her clients but two: She’s the most frugal person you ever met and saved $6k to move to LA
  • Her first desk job: Working front desk management at a salon
  • Some of the weird jobs she did to make rent at LA: Casting calls, cocktail waitressing, and $200–$500 a day gigs
  • How she became a sports model: Went to four different agencies and dealt with getting shut down
  • How she landed the cover of Runner’s World magazine: Sending a letter to the editor of chief
  • Why she left the modeling industry: She got tired of being “The Talent” and nothing else in a shallow industry
  • How modeling fucked with her head: Developed body dysmorphia
  • How to get a better self image: Practice it daily, look into the mirror and get comfortable saying to yourself, “I’m amazing.”
  • The hardest setbacks she endured in her career: People making it look more glamorous than it really is
  • How she avoids the comparison game: She understands that she’s not “them,” and her audience loves her for her
  • Where her positive mindset comes from: She’s always been a “no fucks given” kinda girl
  • What she wants to leave behind: Being a good person
  • Something she wish she knew earlier in her career: It’s more work than it looks
  • Her A-Cup: Launching one training guide, even though only thirteen people purchased
  • Where she finds daily inspiration: Instagram
  • Her morning routine: She doesn’t look at her phone, does her stretches, washes her face, and makes coffee
  • How many hours a day she spends on her phone: 8.5 hours during a challenge
  • Her nightly routine: Foam rolling for 20 minutes
  • What being a woman means to her: Being positive, vulnerable, and powerful all at once

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