Episode 37: How Kara & Tara Try (and Sometimes Fail) to Maintain Work-Life Balance

This is another solo episode for Tara and Kara, where they unpack trying to maintain a balance between work and life. Both girls recently returned from travel (Tara getting off her return flight from Mexico just 15 hours before they recorded) and have different opinions on how to disconnect. While Tara loves the fact that she created a life where she can work on-the-go, Kara thinks she wants to be completely off while away.

They each share what they’re currently working on: Kara creating boundaries with clients, Tara not getting caught up in the rat race of competition. They each give one another advice on how they can continue to enjoy these lives they built.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why they completely missed an episode two weeks ago
  • Why Kara tells herself, “This is not genocide” every time she makes a mistake
  • When and how Kara completely missed a deadline for Tara last week
  • How Tara “shows up” for her athletes after being away traveling
  • Why Tara is so afraid to do a digital detox, even for 24 hours
  • When Kara thought her clients would be “so pissed” when she took a 4-day vacation to Puerto Rico
  • Why Kara now sets out-of-office autoresponders
  • Kara’s rude awakening about not having any freedom as a free-lancer
  • Why Tara would rather skip a day with content, rather than “post just to post”
  • Kara’s realization that she doesn’t want to work while she travels
  • How Tara is currently living her ultimate goal—being able to work while traveling
  • Tara’s psycho plan to land at 2PM then teach a 5PM class after her next trip
  • Why Kara is craving more structure
  • How Kara and Tara “vote with their dollars”: Kara choosing to live in DC off a freelancer salary, Tara choosing to travel every month even though she has a business back home
  • Why Tara travels (and values traveling so much)
  • Why Kara has to give Tara a pep talk on building a life she enjoys living
  • Kara’s 2 tips for achieving balance: 1) Step away (even if it’s just to go on a walk) and 2) set boundaries
  • Tara’s 2 tips for achieving balance: 1) Create a structure or a schedule and 2) have a hobby outside of work
  • Kara’s go-to meal: Tacos
  • Tara’s next trip: Bali
  • Kara’s pump-up song: Backstreet Boys throwbacks
  • What Tara’s most insecure about: Her hair
  • Something Kara did outside her comfort zone: Went on a date

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