Episode 35: How to Survive as a Singer-Songwriter in Nashville with Danika Portz

Danika is a singer, songwriter, and relentless optimist who believes in manifesting the life you want to live. Coming from a small town, she grew up singing with her mother and performing for her local community. After taking the leap of faith  to move to Nashville post-graduation, she raised $17,000 on kickstarter to release her debut album.

Danika has opened for heavy hitters such as Martina Mcbride, Dan and Shay, David Cook and A thousand Horses; with her songs played on network TV shows such as Big Brother and Ninja Warrior. The relentless singer songwriter prioritizes being financially stable, doing odd jobs and even renting her home on Airbnb to make extra cash between tours.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Her upbringing: grew up in small town Iowa.
  • Music in her childhood: mother would sing to her and encourage her singing.
  • College: graduated from Drake University with an accounting and marketing degree.
  • Best advice she got: to jump in with both feet otherwise dreams will pass you by.
  • Most impulsive decision: to move to Nashville after graduation with no connections.
  • Advice to college kids today: go to school in the city you want to live in.
  • Jobs she’s done: Collections agent, hostess, nanny.
  • Most humbling moment: having to return a pair of target shoes due to being so broke.
  • Music writing process: a lot of collaboration in groups and never the same flow twice.
  • How she spends her summers: touring the country performing.
  • How she launched her first album: A 52-hour kickstarter campaign.
  • How she deals with negativity: Communicating a supposed negative into a positive.
  • Manifesting life dreams: I was never discouraged or told that anything was impossible.
  • Her motto and life matra: everything you put out will come back to you.
  • How she finds inspiration: Scheduling time to be creative.
  • Her A-Cup moment: buying my house and opening for Martina Mcbride.
  • Most rewarding experience: performing for the troops (she’s on her 8th tour).
  • Morning routine: “Slow mornings” complete with coffee, emails, then working out.
  • How she met her fiance: he’s also a musician and they played at a wedding together.
  • Bad habit to break: overloading herself with so many things at once.


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