Episode 34: How Kara and Tara Started Their Businesses

No guest this week! Tara and Kara do a solo episode to explain how they started their businesses, how they landed their first clients, and all the struggles of the early stages of working for themselves. They talk about severely undercharging to build up a book of business, bartering their services, and even selling belongings to make ends meet.

And they talked about the debates they have now: Should you focus on “one thing” or several? Should you offer discounts for friends? How much should you charge? How do you tell your clients you’re raising your prices? And every other question they text or call each other about on a weekly basis.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Tara and Kara became friends in college: Teammates and drinking buddies
  • How they use their super blunt, stubborn, and competitive personalities to their advantage
  • Tara’s early-career debate about whether she could make a good living as a personal trainer
  • How they both served in restaurants early in their careers
  • How Tara went full-time as a personal trainer: Getting laid off
  • How Kara went full-time as a freelancer: Getting fired
  • Their advice about first starting out on your own: Don’t quit your job until you have a plan, you build a portfolio, and you have money in the bank
  • Tara’s salary her first year out of college: $28,000
  • What Kara charged to write her first client’s website: $400 (she currently charges $1,800 – 2,500)
  • What Tara charged per session for her first personal training clients: $30 (she currently charges $90)
  • How to get clients: Post free content, do free events, and get referrals
  • How to build a following: Build a sense of trust by proving you know what you’re talking about
  • What Kara misses about an office: Learning from other people
  • How they did barter exchanges early on in their careers (and still do today)
  • When to raise your rates: through experience and educating yourself
  • What Kara thinks you should be open about your pricing: It’s not worth your time or theirs if they can’t afford you
  • Why Tara doesn’t think it’s bad to do multiple projects: You’re not putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Where Kara finds inspiration: Walking around Logan Circle, Washington, DC
  • Where Tara finds inspiration: The other coaches at Compass
  • Kara’s biggest cheerleaders: Her friend Danika, immediate family members, and clients
  • Tara’s biggest cheerleaders: Teddy and her co-owners at Compass
  • How Kara takes care of herself: She doesn’t, apparently
  • How Tara takes care of herself: Massages, chiropractic work, along time, CBD
  • What wakes Kara up in the middle of the night: Not replying to people
  • What wakes Tara up in the middle of the night: Dreams

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