Episode 15: How to Get Legally Legit with Ashlee of Contracts for Creatives

Ashlee Hightower is the owner and founder of Contract for Creatives, a legal services company dedicated to creative entrepreneurs. After passing the bar exam and working as a practicing attorney, Ashlee transitioned to working as a legal editor. There she started her side hustle, a travel and style blog called the Cobalt Chronicles. Today, Ashlee found a way to combine her passion with her legal expertise, offering downloadable contracts for bloggers, photographers, wedding planners, and other business owners.

Ashlee walks us through her transition from 80-hour grind to a steady 40-hour corporate job with a blogging side hustle. Finally, in May of 2018 she made enough money through independent clients and blogging to quit her job for good. She teaches us a few things we should always watch out for on contracts and how she manages running her two distinct platforms.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Her original career plan: Be a doctor (she actually applied for law school and med school at the same time)
  • The biggest mistake creative entrepreneurs make: Assuming they don’t need a contract when first starting out
  • How she first monetized her blog: Affiliate programs
  • Her most stressful day: When she hired an intern and immediately wondered if she could afford the expensive (and if you’re listening, Mia Ashlee loves you)
  • What she outsources: SEO and accounting
  • How she finds new clients: Conferences
  • Biggest thing left out of contracts: Licensing language and copyrights to any content you produce
  • The best part of her day: Leaving in the middle of the day to go to [solidcore] or SoulCycle
  • Her A-Cup: Her first, automated email notifying her that a contract sold
  • The amount of content she publishes a week: Daily blog posts Monday-Friday plus daily Twitter and Instagram posts
  • What wakes her up in the middle of the night: Client deadlines
  • What being a woman means to her: Doing whatever she wants, including launching her own business and working out in the middle of the day

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