Episode 14: You Can’t Sell Something That Isn’t You, With Alexa Schirm

Alexa Schirm is the founder of Simple Roots Wellness, a platform offering an unconventional approach to nutrition, mindset, and hormonal health. With three online programs, one physical product, and a top-ranked podcast on iTunes, Simple Roots Wellness has multiple revenue streams. She also has three little girls (and sometimes her nieces and nephews!) and husband running around the house, where she sets up shop.

Alexa takes us through a real conversation about the growing pains of Simple Roots Wellness. The time she lost her health over getting caught up in “the hustle,” the time she hired a coach who just wanted to make a buck, and an “awful” first launch.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Her first job out of college: Owning a gym
  • When she met her husband, Payton: The 8th grade! (Kara’s question: So what’s it like to go through life not dating a narcissistic asshole?)
  • Her health philosophy: “I once thought abs were made in the kitchen; now I believe they’re made in the mind.”
  • Her business philosophy: “You can’t sell anything if it’s not you.”
  • Worst business experience: Getting told by a business coach she would have a six-figure launch
  • Current business habit she’s trying to break: Calling her podcast “the stupid podcast”
  • The last thing she texted her business coach about: Worrying her product, The Nourished Planner, wouldn’t get printed by the deadline
  • Does she ever eat gluten? SOMETIMES.

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