Episode 27: How to Transform a Fitness class Into a Global Program with Stacey of The willPower Method

Stacey Lei Krauss is the president and founder of the willPower Method, a sculpting bootcamp class done entirely barefoot. Stacey began her unique, no-shoes, no-equipment workout at Equinox in New York City, when she accidentally forgot to pack shoes for class. When she decided to coach barefoot her students kicked theirs off as well, beginning the first willPower class (then known as Will and Grace).

When the book Born to Run propelled the barefoot movement forward, Nike signed Stacey as a professional athlete. Since then, she’s worked with Vibram Five Fingers and other global brands. Today, Stacey travels all over the world teaching other gyms and instructors the willPower Method and how to coach a more holistic approach to movement.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • She taught her first barefoot class because: She forgot to pack a pair of shoes
  • She’s been sponsored by: Nike and Vibram Five Fingers
  • Her policy on barefoot training: If you are in a clean, safe environment, you should train your feet just as you train the rest of your body
  • One of her most trying experiences as a coach: Coaching at Equinox in NYC the day of 9/11
  • How she plans to evolve the willPower Method: Bringing the mental and emotional approach of yoga into physical movements
  • The hardest business lesson she had to learn: No one will love your baby [business] more than you
  • One of her toughest experiences as a leader: When she puts her heart and soul into training an employee only to have them leave the business
  • One of her daily struggles: Leading with her head and not with her heart
  • Toughest lesson she learned about business partnerships: Don’t shit where you eat
  • A lesson she wants to leave behind: Your fire and willpower has to come from within you, you can’t look for it within another person
  • Scariest moment of her career: When she got deported out of India into Turkey without a passport or any documentation
  • Her A-Cup: Seeing the willPower Method translated into Turkish, Italian, and Spanish
  • Her best tool for self-care: Journaling
  • What she wish she had more of: Time
  • Her guilty pleasure: Cannabis
  • What being a woman means to her: Expressing her emotions unapologetically

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