Episode #9: When you go $30k over budget pre-launch with Sophie Stich

Sophie Stich is the owner behind StichYourSolutions and Toastworthy, two DC-based businesses in the hospitality industry. Toastworthy is a pop-up bar operating out of a vintage airstream, serving as the perfect backdrop to weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other events.

Sophie launched her business with no co-founder, investor money, or anyone to tow her 3,000 lb airstream through the tight streets of the District of Columbia. Through Google, emailing lawyers, and an amazing career coach named Lisa, Sophie navigated her way through liquor laws, permits, and loopholes of three different states (DC, Virginia, and Maryland). Between a towing contractor taking, “five years off her life,” getting into a car accident at her first event, and having the airstream run $30,000 over budget, Sophie says, “You know, once you go through that kind of trauma or that risk, it gets easier and easier to deal with.”

Discussed in this episode:

  • How she bought a vintage airstream off eBay (and where she got the idea)
  • When her brakes failed en route to her first event
  • ^ How that event plummeted her into a “paralyzed” her for two weeks
  • How her grandmother taught her how to be a hostess
  • How she got a career coach when she still worked in a corporate setting
  • That event that took off 5 years off her life

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