Episode 8: How does an accountant launch a makeup line? With Emily Hines of Sweat Cosmetics

Emily Hines is the CFO and co-founder of Sweat Cosmetics, a makeup line designed by active women, for active women. A former D1 soccer player, Emily Hines and college teammate (now co-founder!) Taryn Hemmings once caked on foundation for soccer games, causing breakouts and clogged pores. They joked that they would start a makeup line exclusively for athletes, calling it “Jock Jill.”

The idea for Jock Jill transformed into Sweat Cosmetics, founded by five former college and pro athletes. From driving Lyft to make rent, to raising over $200k through crowdfunding so they wouldn’t run out of product, Emily goes through the pains and lessons of building a brand, channeling negative energy, and making decisions with five very driven (and very competitive) female teammates.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • That time the founders dropped off goodie bags for the women’s national soccer team
  • How they landed their dream meeting with Sophora
  • How they did a crowdfunding campaign so they wouldn’t sell out of product
  • When she side hustled from everything from Lyft to nannying to make rent while scaling the company
  • The number of people who told her the name Sweat Cosmetics was “gross”
  • Emily’s championship moment: Overhearing two girls recommend her makeup line in a SoulCycle locker room in NYC

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