Episode 7: “No, this is not just a hobby,” with Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan is the owner and founder of j.mo studio, a lifestyle photography studio in Denver, Colorado. Six years into business, Julia narrowed her focus to boudoir and fitness photography, making women feel comfortable, proud, and beautiful in each shot.

A self-proclaimed people pleaser, Julia tells us the self-debates she went through when scaling her business. She resisted raising her prices, even when everyone told her the rates were too low (and after she raised them, that they were too high). She got a little choked up explaining how she brought home “pennies” the first couple years, until she finally surpassed her husband’s income in January, 2018—and was able to tell everyone her life that no, this was not just a “hobby.”

Discussed in this episode:

  • After being told repeatedly to raise her prices, she experienced in a lull in business when she finally raised them
  • Boudoir photography might start as something for Valentine’s Day, but she found women typically do it “for themselves.”
  • The body image struggles she dealt with over the past ten years
  • When SHE had boudoir photos done after becoming a mom, after having “baby spit up” on herself for the past two years
  • What she did when she had her first unhappy client
  • Her championship moment: The first time her husband bragged about her business to all his friends

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