Episode 5: Making Educational Videos Go Viral with DocJenFit

Doctor Jen Esquer is the owner of founder of DocJenFit, a platform giving individuals the tools to stay mobile and find the root cause of injury. While in grad school for physical therapy, Jen launched an Instagram account that grew to a six-digit following before graduation.

A former athlete and coach in gymnastics and track and field, Jen found a unique way to bring her knowledge of calisthenics into a viral social platform. Rather than jump into a handstand, Jen shows the science, how-tos, and value behind each move she presents. In the past year, Jen used this strategy to launch her first two products—The Mobility Method and The Optimal Body—monetizing an audience she spent years building.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • How she made a stereotypically studious subject (physical therapy) go viral
  • How Jen launched her first product without an exisiting email list
  • How she knew it was time to leave her comfortable, salaried job and go all in with DocJenFit
  • How she uses positive self-talk to deal with negative comments online
  • The zero-tolerance policy she holds for negativity when it comes to friends/family

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