Episode 46: When Your Philosophy Goes Against The Entire Industry, with What Cait Ate

Cait, better known as What Cait Ate is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) helping clients take a natural, holistic approach to gut health. After battling anxiety, panic attacks, and digestive issues throughout her teens and into college, she worked with an NTP to take a more ancestral approach toward healing. Within six months, her health took a 180-degree turn for the better.

Cait’s journey sparked her interest in the health field, but she rejected the conventional wisdom from her textbooks and professors. She elected to become an NTP—rather than a registered dietitian—to help individuals the same way someone once helped her. Today, she helps individuals within their mental, physical, and digestive health through her website, podcast, and group coaching program.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • The first sign that she battled anxiety: Had her first panic attack at a gymnastics meet
  • Her first battles with digestive health: Getting diagnosed with gastritis and IBS
  • How she healed her gut: By consulting an NTP and following a paleo/ancestral diet
  •  Why she didn’t become an RD (registered dietitian): She found herself constantly arguing with her professors over new research not recognized in her field
  • How she landed her first clients: Tapping into her inner circle, including those she already knew and teammates from her Crossfit gym
  • Why she enjoys working online: By the time she starts a client relationship, people understand her fundamental beliefs
  • The toughest part of client relationships: You can only do so much, you need clients to show up and do the work
  • How she handles tough conversations: Stand with confidence, and don’t be afraid to call people out on their bullshit
  • How she fires a client: She accepts the blame, says that it isn’t a good fit for her, and refers her to a different NTP
  • What she’s insecure about: Wondering if she’s good enough, knowing how to up-level her business, and imposter syndrome
  • How she rewires insecure thoughts: Having an unbiased person to speak to (like a coach or therapist) and journaling
  • Her tools for getting out of her head: Exercise and getting quiet with herself
  • Something she wishes she knew five years ago: Starting somewhere is better than starting from a perfect place.
  • Why she quit one-on-one clients: There are only so many people you can meet with. So instead, she started a group-coaching program.
  • How she works with brands: She hired an agent to negotiate her contracts
  • Her ultimate goal: Write a book and design a program that coincides with it, encompassing mindset, fitness, and nutrition
  • Her A-Cup moment: She probably will never feel like she has one, but her happiest moments is a client saying that their life was transformed
  • Her biggest ingredient toward self-care: Going to see her therapist
  • How she recovers from a workout: Eating tons of food, rest, sitting in a sauna, and ice baths
  • What she’s binging on Netflix: The Office for the millionth time
  • Her greatest productivity hack: Getting out of the house and keeping the energy for her work and living environments separate

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