Episode 45: How to balance work and anxiety, with Corey of Na Wahine Lole

Corey is the founder, owner, and one-woman show behind Na Wahine Lole, a completely handmade Hawaiian swimwear line. Corey founded her company after battling body dysmorphia throughout her entire life, hoping to create apparel that made women feel good when they might otherwise feel vulnerable.

Corey battled anxiety, self-judgement, and shopping addiction throughout most fo her life, and she explains how these battles play into her business. She shares why she believes making handmade clothes is her personal love language, how her daughter is her #1 fan, and what she does to handle anxiety today.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why she started her business: She had severe body dysmorphia disorder, always shopping for new clothes
  • When she started her business: In December of 2016
  • How she was able to get over body dysmorphia: Learning not to “cry over the things she couldn’t change”
  • How she makes her swimsuits: Blends colors and patterns to create a certain vibe or mood
  • How she markets her product: Almost all advertising is on Instagram
  • Who she listens to in order to get motivated: Gary V
  • Who helps her create her product: Absolutely no one, she does every step of the process herself
  • What stresses her out: Thinking she has to work all the time
  • How she structures her day: She wakes up between 4:30 – 5AM, sews or works out right away in the morning, and gets as much work done while her kids are asleep
  • How she manages stress and anxiety in business: Some days are pretty bad, but she has a supportive partner who understands what she needs
  • What’s coming next for her business: Dropping a clothing line in December
  • Her inspiration for her clothing line: She wants to spoil her mom, and her love language is making clothes
  • The time she hated her business: When she had zero time for creativity, and her business turned very robotic
  • How she works on her control issues: She tries to use all her bullshit as energy, and transform it into something positive
  • A bad business habit she’d love to break: How she responds to people
  • Her first A-Cup moment: When she held a pop-up and people lined up wearing her bathing suits
  • Her second A-Cup moment: When she realized she could control her time, and when her dad realized she had a legit business
  • Her biggest cheerleader: Her nine-year-old daughter
  • Something she wants to work on: Self patience
  • What being a woman means to her: It’s a higher power that women have, where’s there’s no ego, and there’s a desire to come together

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