Episode 44: Why No Business Struggle is Ever Worth Your Health, with Yoga By Candace

Candace Moore is a yoga teacher, YouTuber, author, and female boss leading people to live a well-balanced life. After a battle with Lyme disease left her bedridden, Candace made the deciding realization that she wasted much of her life worrying about things that didn’t matter. She promised herself that if she got out of that bed, she was going to leave her insecurities behind and become she liked and would want to be friends with.

After doing her yoga training in Thailand, Candace bought the YogaByCandace URL and started her YouTube channel, which gains millions of views per video. She launched multiple products, started a subscription service, and is in the process of opening her first brick and mortar. She talked to Kara and Tara about her health crisis and how it impacts her business mindset, how she deals with online trolls, and how she plans to scale her brand in the future.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her first job out of college: A middle school and high school Spanish teacher
  • When she got diagnosed with Lyme disease: Shortly after getting married
  • Her shocking realization: While being bedridden with Lyme, she realized she wasted so many years worrying about things that didn’t matter
  • One of the hardest things about being sick: Being dependent on other people, to the point where her ex husband had to help her dress and use the bathroom
  • Her tip for starting a business: Don’t put your name in your business
  • How she started Yoga by Candace: Chipping away, working 8—4 p.m. Monday – Friday, treating it like a job
  • Her audience: Someone like her college self, a twenty-something who was super stressed out and busy, and might not be able to afford a yoga membership
  • How she healed her gut after antibiotics: Staying on the GAPs diet for two years
  • Her personal mantra: The worst thing is the best thing
  • The first product she ever launched: A 60-minute budget DVD called Sweat
  • How she prevents burn-out: Establishing boundaries
  • How Lyme disease impacts her business: No business struggle or amount of stress is ever worth your health
  • Her advice to anyone stressed out: You can’t pour from an empty cup, so put yourself first
  • What’s coming next for her business: She just launched her first studio, Namaslay, and hopes to one day franchise it
  • Why she chose to keep parts of her personal life private: After her divorce, she felt pressured to make a statement, and decided she would keep parts of her life private going forward
  • How she feels about negative DMs or comments on social media: People will preach being kind and loving, and you should always be that way
  • How she feels about negativity: A negative comment comes from a negative place. So if you’re looking at someone and picking them apart, that’s because all that’s inside of you is insecurities that you now project.
  • What she credits as her biggest transformation: Stress management
  • Her morning routine: Waking up, checking her phone, walking the door, going to the studio, and getting psyched for the day
  • Her nightly routine: Making dinner with her boyfriend with no phones at the table
  • Books she has to recommend: A Little Life (fiction) and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (non-fiction)
  • What being a woman means to her: Being a woman is looking at someone who thinks you can’t and saying, “Watch me do it.”

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