Episode 43: How a Former Pro Golfer and Olympic Developmental Athlete Lands in Hollywood, with Andia Winslow

Andia Winslow is an athlete, activist, and artist, with her workouts and words of inspiration featured across Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. In high school, Andia was one of the top-ranked junior golfers in the world, becoming the fourth African American woman to compete in the LPGA post-graduation. After retiring from golf, Andia trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center as a developmental athlete for the 2014 Olympics in the skeleton.

With competition behind her, Andia began coaching others at The Mile High Run Club, Chelsea Piers, and Aqua Cycling in New York City. After one particular class she was approached by a talent agent, saying she had the perfect voice for voiceover work. Today, Andia lives in LA where she uses 40 different voices to do work for PBS, BRIC TV, Nike, Amazon, and Time Inc. Andia shares with us how she shows up for competitions, the whirlwinds of her career, and the overlap between the hustle of Hollywood and being an athlete.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • What she wanted to be when she grew up: Pippy Longstocking
  • Her first experiences with competition: She was one of the top highest ranked golfers in the world in high school, quit during college, then picked it up as a pro golfer post college
  • Why it’s hard for female athletes to get sponsors: The coin purse for female sports might not be enough to pay back the sponsorship
  • After retiring from golf, she: Moved to NYC then Lake Placid to train as a developmental athlete for the skeleton
  • A misconception of Olympic athletes: Most take on debt while training, as there’s no time or bandwidth for a second job
  • What drove her to pursue a brand new sport: Adventure
  • What’s harder, being the coach or athlete: Coach
  • How she got into the voiceover industry: An agent took one her classes in NYC, then a voiceover coach convinced her to go full time
  • How she gets clients: Referrals, agent-sourced clients, recurring and one-time gigs
  • Her competition in the voiceover industry: Other celebrities
  • How she deals with insecurities: You show up to compete, and never shy away from the competition just because someone else showed up
  • How she reframed rejection: “I have not been selected this time.”
  • Her motto: Forward ever, backward never
  • Her advice to women starting out in their careers: A timeline does not exist; shoot for the slow burn
  • What stresses her out: Where to find her next burrito
  • What lessons she hopes to pass on: It won’t be easy, and the path won’t be direct, but opportunities arise if you stay the course
  • What she loves most about sports and career: Collaboration
  • The one thing she’s missing in her career: Balance
  • The best lesson she learned: Relinquish control to move forward
  • Her A-Cup moment: Celebrating every single win
  • Her biggest fan: Her family and next door neighbor’s dog
  • Favorite job: Voiceover
  • Where she finds inspiration from: Staying active by hiking, swimming in the ocean, hula hoop, and biking
  • Her morning routine: Wake up at 4AM, stretch, go on a run or hike, then do vocal warm-ups
  • Her nightly routine: Do light movements, read for 10 minutes, and go to bed between 9–11
  • A personality trait she loves most about herself: Resourcefulness

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