Episode 42: How to launch a marketing agency for small businesses, with Elise Crawford Gallagher

Elise Crawford Gallagher is the CEO & founder of Ringlet Studio, a DC-based marketing and branding agency—one that is 100% female owned and employed. Elise launched Ringlet straight out of grad school, and has served DC-local and national brands including Girls Night In, Outdoor Voices, Colada Shop, and Varnish Lane. Elise has personally and professionally made a point to empower women through her blog series, District Boss; and through Ringlet’s local event series, Grit in the District.

Elise walks us through how she launched her business, how she feels about hiring and mentors, and how she balances being open and vulnerable while being the CEO of a company.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The gap she saw in the marketing industry: Serving small businesses
  • How she got her first clients: Cold emails
  • How she got the guts to cold email clients: Believing in what she’s offering
  • Whether she was scared during her first hirers: Yes, but part of being a successful entrepreneur is capitalizing off the talent in front of you
  • Where she came up with her business name: Her grandfather
  • The time she thought about throwing in the towel: Her first two years she actually went on other job sites
  • Her advice to carry through tough times: Cultivate perseverance
  •  How she recovers after a tough time: Reaching out to a mentor
  • What she does during alone time: Watches the office, drinks some wine
  • Where she finds inspiration: From her DC clients
  • A new series she’s offering: Summer happy hours to allow people to get more involved in Ringlet’s community
  • How she balances her marriage and work: Her husband and her both gave themselves permission to give themselves to their work
  • One thing she struggles with: Not treating her marriage like a business, and allowing room for spontaneity
  • The difference between a mentor and a coach: A coach usually has a monetary stake in the relationship, while a mentor is just giving you their time
  • The thing she wishes she knew before starting her business: She’s capable of doing hard things
  • Her ingredient toward self-care: Face masks
  • A bad business habit she’d love to break: Saying sorry
  • How she’s trying to limit phone time: Not keeping her phone by her bedside
  • What does being a woman mean to her: Combining business, family, and community

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