Episode 4: The Trust it Takes to Start a Business Partnership, with With Grace and Gold

Kelly and Andra are the founders and owners of With Grace and Gold, a branding and web design one-stop-shop for creative women. The two met at a coffee shop when Kelly said to Andra, “I’m new in town! Will you be my friend?” Just a couple months following their first encounter, they launched their business.

Their husbands told them they had eight weeks to make a profit. Not only did they hit their goal, but since their 2014 launch helped over 200 women portray their identity and story online. Listen to how they balance their business “marriage” with their real marriages, how a personal life event led to major process changes, and how, even these two are the sweetest duo you’ll ever meet, mean serious business when it comes to productivity (and contracts!).

Discussed in this episode:

  • The level of trust you need to have a true business partner
  • How they become profitable in just two weeks
  • How they manage to get sh*t done on just a 4-day work week
  • How a maternity leave/sabbatical led to schedule, pricing, and process changes
  • Their tips to stay laser-focused throughout the workday
  • How little time they spend on social media (even though it’s one of their biggest lead gen tools!)
  • How they manage client edits, contracts, and scope creep
  • Their goal to “un-goal”

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