Episode 38: Creating an Online Program For a New Kind of Exercise, with VenusFit

Venus Lau is the founder of Strength + Flow, an online flow workout program that connects the mind to body with intentional movement. She has a whole host of certifications, spanning across personal training, yoga, functional movements, TRX, and kettlebells. She’s also been featured in Oxygen Magazine, PopSugar Fitness, and Bravo TV.

While she’s coached and/or certified in almost every area of movement imaginable, she’s gravitated toward animal fitness, a combination of parkour, break dancing, yoga, and hand balancing. Venus told us about launching her business, her personal struggles with being too hard on herself, and the life events that lead to her unparalleled self-awareness and reliance.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • How she got involved in athletics: She was a quiet kid, and spoke through her body and athletics, going to Baylor to play D1 golf
  • Her favorite type of movement/exercise: Animal flow, which helped cure a number of old golf injuries
  • The toughest part teaching a new kind of training: Pushing people out of their comfort zone
  • A new project she’s working with: A kettlebell and yoga flow six-week program with Oxygen magazine
  • How she managed feelings of insecurity when creating Strength + Flow: She reached out to mentors and friends who already created programs for help
  • What insecure thoughts ran through head: “Who am I to create a program? I don’t have a masters in exercise science or a CSCS.”
  • How long it took her to build her program: 1.5 years
  • How she views social media: Social media is a tool, it’s not something you should use to feel bad about yourself
  • Something she’s always struggled with: Being too hard on herself, both in athletics and in her business
  • How she measures success: How do you live daily? Do you love your life and the daily little things?
  • Where that measure of success came from: Losing both her parents to cancer
  • Her early-career jobs: She moved to LA to be a comedy writer, then became a pharmaceutical sales rep, bartender, and working at Equinox as a personal trainer
  • How she views fear: Fear is valuable. It’s a message from your brain saying, “There is something for you to learn here.”
  • Where her self-awareness comes from: Being forced to be resilient. After losing both parents to cancer, she had to be completely self reliant
  • What she does for personal development: Every year she takes 4–5 certifications or workshops
  • Where she found her tribe and support system: By being herself and finding connections through social media
  • A lesson she wished she learned earlier: How to trust herself
  • What her team looks like: Her business partner Rachel, a video editor, and other contractors
  • Her A-Cup moment: She hasn’t had it yet
  • Her biggest fan: Her best friend and business partner, Rachel
  • A bad business habit she’d love to break: Procrastination
  • How long she spends on her phone: 3–8.5 hours
  • What being a woman means to her: Being a good human being and learning to trust yourself in this crazy world we grow up in

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