Episode 36: Never Sacrifice Your Audience’s Trust to Make a Buck, with Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia, known as Fed + Fit, is a two-timed published author, podcast host, wife, mama, and eternal optimist. Her journey toward sustainable health started with a transformation when she took herself on as her first client and lost ten dress sizes. Since then, she launched Fed + Fit, a multi-pronged platform offering practical solutions toward healthy living. Her latest book, Cook Once, Eat All Week, will be on store shelves April 23rd.

In this episode, Cassy shares why she waited so long to leave her 9-5 job, how she deals with negative feedback, why she rebranded as a lifestyle website, and her big projects for the upcoming months.

Discussed in this Episode

  • What she studied in college: Pre-med and entomology (study of insects)
  • Her first client: Herself! She took herself on as a client, wrote herself a protocol (which was essentially a Paleo diet), and lost 10 dress sizes
  • Why she waited years after launching Fed+Fit to leave her job: She didn’t want to sacrifice the trust she built with her audience for the sake of making a buck
  • Two pieces of advice from her mentor: 1) If you have a hot idea, stay close to the heat source and 2) go ugly early
  • How she’s able to pick people’s brains while still being a solopreneur: Everyone in the Paleo community is out for the greater good, and she’s been able to get advice just by making friends
  • Her productivity hacks: Front-loading her day, writing things down and making lists
  • How she feels when an idea flops: Blogging is about the long game. She wants to publish quality, deep information, and not everything will go viral
  • How many articles she publishes a week: 4-5 posts
  • What she’s excited to talk about content-wise: Be the trusted friend for those who are overwhelmed by the wellness options out there
  • Why she transitioned to a lifestyle brand: The people in her audience are just like her, and they want to know about skincare, furniture, style, and other topics—not just food
  • Why she’s shutting down her podcast: She feels like she’s said everything she needs to say related to health, and will launch a new podcast focused on business conversations
  • How she protects herself from negative feedback: She turned off DMs on Instagram
  • The nastiest DM she ever received: “Your daughter is going to choke and die,” (responding to a IG story on feeding her daughter solid foods for the first time)
  • A business book that helped her scale her business: The E Myth
  • Her A-Cup: Sending personal IG messages, like “Your body is the least interesting thing about you”
  • How she met her husband: In college, he was her counselor and they reconnected almost 8 years later
  • A bad business habit she’d like to break: Thinking too small
  • What wakes her up in the middle of the night: Hallucinations
  • What being a woman means to her: Power

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