Episode 33: Coming Back From $100k in Debt to Launching Your Next Business with Tara Newman

Tara Newman is an empathetic and optimistic leader of leaders. Utilizing her degree in organizational psychology, she helps clients navigate owning and operating a business. Coming back from the lowest of lows, Tara and her husband were once $100K in dept, forced to declare bankruptcy for their former manufacturing business.

Over the past four years, Tara dedicated her time to practicing gratitude and maintaining a balanced life. As a reiki healer and active crossfitter, she has gained compassion which she utilizes in her business today. Tara tells us how she teaches business owners to avoid burnout, place their health as a priority, and do more to do less.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Her motto: If you want more, do less
  • Where you may have heard her: The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast
  • What she was like in high school: Very much an underachiever until college
  • Her major wake up call: Being denied from community college
  • What she tells her clients: Find what you thrive with, and that is where you start
  • Her personality: Introvert by nature, very much in need of down time
  • A big struggle she still remembers: Filing for bankruptcy due to a failing manufacture business when the economy collapsed in 2008
  • A moment she realized things were bad: When her daughter didn’t get to eat in a high chair as a toddler because they sold it for cash
  • A standard weekday for her: Changes every day. Each day is dedicated to a different aspect of my business.
  • A book that changed her: “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrne
  • What she needs as an introvert: Creative time on her own, especially in the morning
  • What CrossFit means to hear: “It’s given me empathy and compassion—I have to work to be good at it.”
  • Her A-Cup moment: Every day, I created something from nothing
  • Before her business she: Was in the corporate world for over 20 years
  • Her most productive time: Early in the mornings
  • Her night time routine: Involves mindless TV and time with the husband
  • How often does she look at her phone: Her stats say 90 times in a day
  • Her team: An assistant/project manager, marketer, and a publicist
  • Greatest lesson shared with clients: That you already have all you need to succeed
  • Being a woman means to her: Being a leader
  • Her publicist description of her: She is THE leader of leaders

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