Episode 32: How to Stop Listening to the Bullshit Stories We Tell Ourselves with Big Booty Yoga

Kady Lafferty, known to many of you as Big Booty Yoga, is showing women that anyone—regardless of background, experience, or body type—can practice yoga. She leads themed classes that sellout to hundreds of people in the Denver area, taught at Red Rocks, and will lead a yoga practice at Wanderlust.

There’s something about Kady that just draws you in. Her Big Booty Yoga events have 10+ people who never practiced yoga before, and people feel some sort of innate trust in her. After launching her career in social work, Kady switched to do yoga and wellness full-time. She shares when she experiences self-doubt, how she makes time to put herself first, and a new program she’s working on.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her first IG handle: @BigBitchYoga (she thought it was too aggressive)
  • Her first viral event: Over 200 people went, 750+ signed up
  • How she got into the body positive movement: “Yoga helped me distinguish between the truth and the bullshit stories I was telling myself”
  • How she puts herself first when she carries the weight of other people: Yoga was just a new way of loving on people
  • When she experiences self-doubt: When she steps into a new project, she doubts she’s smart enough or knows enough
  • Where many of her insecurities stem from: Growing up with dyslexia
  • The best lesson she learned from those she loves most: Just because you have a different skill set doesn’t mean you can’t support each other
  • How she learned to work smarter not harder: She started saying no, only works one free event per quarter, and started office hours once a week
  • Where she finds inspiration: The Yoga and Body Coalition
  • Her biggest struggles over the years: The events that totally flop
  • Something new she’s experimenting with: Starting a subscription-based service
  • What she does when she’s not teaching: Working on her computer “a fuck ton”
  • What she wants to do more of in the next year: Weight lifting
  • What she wants to do less of: Insta scrolling
  • Her guilty pleasure: Watching makeup tutorials
  • Her A-Cup moment: Teaching at Red Rocks
  • What stresses her out: Feeling behind
  • What she loves most about: Being able to show up and care about people
  • What being a woman means to her: Encompassing all the women that came before

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