Episode 31: When Life’s Greatest Challenges Become the Inspiration for Your Business, with Lina Salazar

Lina Salazar is the founder of Live Well and the Food Sanity program, coaching women and corporations to lead a life lead by happiness, meditation, and self-awareness. After getting her law degree, earning her MPA from Columbia University, and building a promising career in international development, Lina left it all behind to become a certified health coach. Today, Lina draws on her own past experience with eating disorders to help individuals heal feelings of guilt, resentment, and powerlessness.

We talk about how Lina transformed a series of painful life events into the inspiration for her career, how she relinquishes perfectionism and control in her daily life, and how she relates her lessons with foods to lessons for her business.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her biggest surprise as an entrepreneur: You can’t just announce you’re a health coach and land clients
  • How she landed her first client: Posting a free ad on the community board in her apartment building
  • When she first struggled with eating disorders: Age 12
  • When she started her healing journey: When she realized her fight with food negatively impacted her relationships with herself, friends, family, and coworkers
  • The catalyst for deciding she would do whatever it took to heal: Hitting rock bottom multiple times. She turned 30 and had to “face her own devils” on her own
  • What’s been hard about being an entrepreneur: “Stopping” her perfectionism so she can focus on the work that actually makes an impact
  • The biggest game changer in her productivity: Planning and using a planner
  • How she prevents overwhelm: Asking herself, “How do you freaking solve the problem?”
  • How she relates her eating disorder to her business: You have to relinquish those things that are outside your control, and realize those things that you are in control of (accept life on life’s terms)
  • Her A-Cup: Whenever someone thanks her for what she does
  • Where her inspiration comes from: Podcasts
  • Her morning routine: Opening the windows, drinking water, making her bed, doing physical therapy and/or a workout, and making breakfast
  • Her biggest fan: Her husband
  • The personality trait she loves most about herself: Discipline

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