Episode 30: How to Articulate the “Why” Behind Your Business with Cher Hale

Publicist Cher Hale gives your business the spotlight it needs to reach your target audience. She is a social and spiritual person who loves connecting people and seeking out knowledge. After stumbling upon the PR world after taking the wrong AP class in high school, Cher found a love for pitching. She sought out a mentor by joining The Italian Online where she spent time assisting with administrative work to gain experience and exposure.

Soon after (and with a lot of encouragement from her mentor), The 30 Minute Italian Podcast launched. Four years later, she dove into PR full-time and has helped countless clients connect with major outlets like Forbes and CNN. Cher loves starting her day doing self-guided yoga and ending with some relaxing afternoons watching TV. She finds inspiration all around her and constantly reflects to reconnect to her passions in life.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Where her clients have been featured: Forbes, CNN and Bustle
  • Biggest growth pillars: Confidence and assertiveness
  • How she gains new clients: She mainly gets them from word of mouth
  • Her advice for pitching your business: Make sure your message is clear
  • Her expertise: Pitches and marketing her clients.
  • Her early mistakes: Hiring on clients that are not the right fit.
  • Publications she’s worked with: Bustle, Goop and Brit + Co
  • This year she plans to: Soul search and redirect her business
  • A hard moment in 2018: Her mother’s passing at just 49
  • Her biggest fan: Her boyfriend who gives her advice and comfort
  • Her A-Cup Moment: When she signed her first author as a client
  • Her book recommendations: “The Art Of Hand Lettering” by Helm Wotzkow
  • Her inspiration: Kay Fabella who she always bounces ideas off of
  • Morning routine: Brush teeth, wash face and then do yoga
  • The thing she loves most about herself: “Silverlining” mentality
  • Biggest self-care practice: 8-9 hours of solid sleep
  • What keeps you up at night: Sweat, mostly (lol)
  • Night routine: Relaxing and catching up on some TV
  • Podcasts she enjoys: Off the Vine, Wine and Crime
  • Currently Reading: “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Bad habit she wants to break: Over apologizing
  • What being a woman means to her: Connect to everything and everyone around us

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