Episode 29: How to Be Resilient and Get Yourself Off the Floor with Dawnelle Arthur

Dawnelle is the founder of AgeDEFY, an online program reintroducing movement to those living with pain and stiffness. Catered to those in the 40+ age bracket, AgeDEFY implements movement therapy for those who think movement is in their past.

Dawnelle is no newcomer to the entrepreneur scene, after launching Denver’s first cycle + yoga studio, QiFlow, in 2006. With hardly any money in her bank account, Dawnelle walked by a office space for rent and had an epiphany moment where she thought, “This is going to be my first space.” She put the monthly rent on a credit card—just $400 for the space!—and found ten bikes online for just $299 a bike.

Since then, she’s seen and experienced it all as an entrepreneur: eviction notices, lawyers, partnerships, unforeseen assessment charges, and the gentrification (and skyrocketing rent) of a neighborhood you once called home. She tells us about switching from brick and mortar to the online space, the stories behind her many battle wounds, and how she continues to pick herself up off the ground—even in the most literal sense.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • How her career in the fitness industry got started: She worked for CorePower, launching the CorePower Sculpt series and opening the first location outside Denver.
  • How she funded her first space: Maxing out her credit card and bartending as a side hustle
  • The rent of her first-ever yoga studio: $400
  • The rent of her last yoga studio: $11,000+
  •  How she opened her first yoga + bike studio: She found a place in the projects for just $400 a month, and increased her credit card limit so she could afford 10 bikes.
  • Biggest lesson she had to learn: When to not take good advice
  • When she lawyered up: Her then-landlord served her with an eviction notice because he wanted to rent out her studio space for the Democratic Convention.
  • When she finally moved her studio out of her beloved neighborhood: She got hit with two, five-digit assessment charges ($35k and $24k) spaced one year apart
  • Her personal mantra: There’s good in bad and bad in good
  • Why she went into the online space: She realized she could still have a community and reach even more people online than in brick and mortar
  • Her A-Cup moment: Getting off the floor and working out after she was told she needed to have both hips replaced
  • The book she always has to recommend: Big Magic

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