Episode 28: How to Launch Your Second Location in an Expensive, Competitive Market with Cyd of Punch!

Cydney Sutton is the owner of Punch! a womens boutique operating out of Federal Hill in Baltimore and Logan Circle in Washington, DC. She opened her first boutique, The Velvet Frog, in Texas before she made the East Coast her home.

Cydney always knew she wanted to own her own store, getting her degree in fashion merchandising then her career start as a buyer. She joined a large corporate retailer where she learned both the good and bad of running a business. She tells us about her expansion, the lessons she learned, and her plans for Punch! and the future.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What she wanted to be when she grew up: Owner of her own store
  • What she learned from working corporate: What not to do
  • Her first business “war story”: Buying her first Baltimore location that had no floors and a hole in the roof, and getting delayed for months
  • How long it took her to negotiate her DC location: 9 months (and 4 different letters of intent)
  • Why she chose DC as her second location: She wanted the challenge of large market
  • How she self-funded the start-up costs of her first store: Dumped her life savings into the store, took a part-time job, and borrowed money from family
  • What went through her mind when she signed her lease in DC: The biggest success comes from the biggest gambles
  • The number of people on her team: 9 “punchies”
  • Why she’s so proud of her employees: Punch has been in business for 4 years, and most punchies have been employed for 2-3
  • What she looks for in an employee: Good banter and personality
  • How often she doubts herself: Every single day
  • The last time she thought about throwing in the towel: Opening her DC location right before the holidays
  • Goal: Become a destination shopping location, with stores in each major East Coast market
  • How to create a buzz brand: Create an experience and develop relationships with customers
  • How to stay relevant in someone’s world: Give more than just the product
  • Her biggest supporters: Her parents
  • Her A-Cup moment: Opening on 14th Street
  • Her biggest ingredient toward self-care: Doing one thing for herself every week
  • What being a woman means to her: Empowering one another

Where to Find Punch! and Cydney:

Federal Hill, Baltimore: 1132 S. Charles St.

Logan Circle, DC: 1412 14th Street, NW

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