Episode 26: How to Launch a Bra Line Specifically for A-Cups with Jaclyn of Pepper

Jaclyn is the co-founder and CEO of Pepper, a bra company supporting (pun intended) the itty bitty titty committee, of which Tara & Kara are proud members.

When Jaclyn and co-founder Lia originally got the idea for a bra line solely dedicated to small-chested women, they weren’t sure if it the idea would take off, or if it would “just” be a side hustle. They launched a kickstarter with an original goal of $10,000, hit it in ten hours, and were 470% funded by the end of the campaign.

Pepper has been featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, and other publications one could only dream about. She shares how they built their company, the unexpected backlash they endured, and how they navigate the start-up lifestyle.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Fun fact: Her mom used to make her eat papayas because they supposedly helped with boob growth
  • The hole in the market Pepper identified: There were products geared toward large chested women, but no company dedicated to small boobs
  • How they created their first prototype: They gave a single PowerPoint slide to different manufacturers in Colombia
  • How they raised awareness for their Kickstarter: Community building, social media, cold PR outreach, building a waitlist of 1,000 members
  • When they quit their day jobs: Not long after their Kickstarter campaign
  • How the co-founders manage communication: Slack
  • How they divide-and-conquer roles and responsibilities: Assign jobs based on strengths and past experience
  • Daily struggles: Ensuring their investors are happy, they’re making the right hires, and they clearly communicates Pepper’s mission and objectives
  • How she finds new hires in a niche market (like bra designers): Cold LinkedIn outreach
  • Business book she has to recommend: The Lean Start-Up
  • The lesson she wished she learned earlier: Done is better than perfect
  • How she landed coverage in dream publications: Cold outreach
  • Biggest public misconception about Pepper: Small boobs does not mean petite.
  • How she handles negative backlash from the public: You have to express empathy. Everyone is insecure about something. A misconception is an opportunity to create a dialogue.
  • A favorite customer story: A husband Googled, found, and purchased a Pepper bra for his wife so she could “see herself the way he sees her.”
  • When she doubted herself: When she went 1.5 years without a paycheck
  • A personality trait she loves most about herself: Having enthusiasm for life and learning
  • A “new” thing she did recently: Tried SoulCycle for the first time
  • Her morning routine: A 20-minute skincare routine, breakfast, then start working.
  • Biggest ingredient toward self-care: Sleep
  • What being a woman means to her: Getting shit done by also being soft when we need to be

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