Episode 25: How to Set Goals that Align With Your Vision with Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a connector, speaker, goal setter, and relentless optimist who makes a living helping individuals, groups, and companies set and reach their goals. Jacki is the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a yoga and goal setting company that leads retreats, workshops, and trainings; founder of Lightyear Leadership, which guides corporations to set goals that align with their vision; and co-host of the Rock Your Bliss Podcast.

Jacki lead her first goal setting workshop at the age of twenty-five, and openly told the attendees, “I have no idea what I’m doing, I just want to get this out there.” Since then she dedicates her time to helping individuals align with their vision. She walks us through her different revenue streams, her personal life and family, and how she approaches goal setting in her own life.

Discussed in this Episode

  • She’s originally from: Houston / She got her first job in: LA / She now resides in: Denver
  • Her first job: Working at a reality TV agency
  • First job she loved: Working at lululemon
  • Her dream job growing up: Working on the brand team at Nike
  • The catalyst for starting her own company: She always loved listening to people and giving advice, even while growing up. When she got an opportunity to lead a goal setting workshop at lululemon at age 25, she took it.
  • Random goal for retirement: Work in theater
  • She credits her optimism to: Her parents. They always told her, “Do whatever you want to do and we will root you on, and if you fail we will still love you.”
  • Her business revenue streams: Individual coaching packages, public speaking, Lightyear Leadership (corporate goal setting), and Rock Your Bliss (retreats and workshops)
  • A revenue stream that didn’t work: Goal-oriented hiking experiences in LA, but she tried a similar approach in Colorado and the tickets sell out
  • Her attitude toward money: “I [once] believed money was hard. I didn’t understand how to work smarter, not harder. Now I believe we need to allow abundance in our lives.”
  • What she offers for free: 20-minute consultations and guided, goal-oriented hikes
  • Toughest part of her business: Establishing boundaries, especially since she works in an emotional business
  • Most frustrating part of her business: When people don’t do the work after they invested in themselves
  • Biggest block she witnesses in reaching a goal: The attitude of, “It’s already been done.”
  • Biggest struggle in reaching her own goals: Thinking she has to do them alone
  • How she decides what to work on: Emails herself to-dos
  • What self-care means to her: Self development and taking time to put herself first
  • Her A-Cup: Marrying her husband, launching her business, and having children
  • Where she finds inspiration: Her mom
  • What she does to fight the 3PM slump: Takes a walk outside or makes an afternoon coffee
  • What she loves most about her personality: She knows how cheesy she is, owns it, and loves that part of herself.
  • What being a woman means to her: Embracing every piece of who you are

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