Episode 20: Tara Interviews Kara

It’s our 20th episode of the A-Cup Podcast! Just as Kara interviewed Tara for the tenth episode, ten episodes later the roles are reversed as Tara interviews Kara.

Kara is a copywriter, food photographer, and automation expert working behind the scenes for influencers and small business owners. Kara writes web copy that blends the business owner’s personality with their service offering, in a way that sounds authentic to the brand.

Kara talks about working in investment consulting straight out of college, quitting her job to wait tables in Pittsburgh, PA; landing her dream job as the first hire of a food-blog-turned-online-platform, that time she got fired in six days, and launching her own business.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her first job out of college: Working sales for a high-net-worth investment consulting firm.
  • The best lesson she learned from her former bosses: Always be nice to people.
  • #1 piece of advice to other freelancers: Never say you’ll never use a piece of knowledge or skillset
  • Craziest career story: Getting fired in six days (for wearing a cotton shirt)
  • First freelance project ever: Photographing a book for Meg Doll (who was on Episode #19)
  • Most relaxing part of her job: Watching Netflix while editing photos
  • Most frustrating part of her job: Not knowing how to define her business
  • How long it took to be able to turn down work: 1.5 years of freelancing
  • What she wants to be known for: Being able to write exactly what you’re thinking
  • Where she finds creative inspiration: Conversations from friends and family; walks around DC
  • Biggest mistake: Not charging what she’s worth and undervaluing herself
  • When she wanted to throw in the towel: Last Christmas.
  • Who told her not to quit: Her dad
  • Her A-Cup: Every time she launches a new website
  • Her biggest fans: Her immediate family, Alexa, Tara, Meg, and Nora
  • Biggest ingredient toward self care: Cleaning her apartment
  • What wakes her up in the middle of the night: Wondering if she’s throwing her life away
  • What being a woman means to her: Doing whatever the fuck she wants.

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