Episode 19: Following your Intuition (No Matter What), with Meg the RHN

Meg Doll is a registered holistic nutritionist, eating disorder survivor, public speaker, and self-love expert. After battling anorexia at ten years old and again in high school, Meg chose to study nutrition, focusing on the gut-brain connection on a way to help clients seek complete nourishment.

In undergrad, Meg started her original blog, A Dash of Meg, which grew to hundreds of thousands of page views per month by graduation. This allowed her to amass a large following to transform into clients, launching her own practice straight after graduation. Meg has never worked for anyone but herself in her entire career, and we ask her about rebranding herself and her practice, adding recurring revenue streams to her list of services, and launching different products.

In 2016, Meg signed a contract with a publisher to write a book, which co-host Kara photographed. Right after this episode was recorded, Meg found out her book will no longer make it to store shelves, and she shares about that experience.

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Her first piece of advice to clients: The only way to let go of fear is to face it
  • How she rebranded herself: Always talking about what interests her personally and being open with her thoughts
  • How she reacted to being told her book was being cancelled: Happy, grateful, and proud to start 2019 with a fresh start
  • How she strikes a balance between free content and getting paid: She will never publish a generic approach to something that has to be individualized (like a protocol)
  • The most frustrating piece of her business: Setting client boundaries
  • What she does to make any day better: Write in her journal
  • Her A-Cup: Every single day she feels like she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing
  • The first thing she does in the morning: Drinks a hot water with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and sea salt while snuggling her puppy, Penny
  • Her secret to self-care: Alone time
  • Her nightly routine: Having a quality, sit-down meal with her boyfriend
  • Her form of meditation: Walking
  • Her favorite thing to cook: Eggs
  • What being a woman means to her: Embracing all of you, including your inner Superwoman and your femininity.

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