Episode 17: Building a Profitable Business with a $7.99 Offering with Talia of Workweek Lunch

Talia Koren is the founder and owner of Workweek Lunch, a subscription service teaching working professionals how to meal prep for just $7.99 a month. With over 40,000 monthly readers and 150,000 followers, Talia helps busy people save money, eat healthy, and place their health as a priority.

A former staff writer, Talia gave herself one year to make Workweek Lunch a profitable business. Eventually, her mom (and #1 fan) gave her a six-month deadline. By following an online business course, grinding, and growing her social following past the six-digit mark, Talia started making sales in 15 months. How she made ends meet in the meantime? By freelance writing, social media consulting, and anything she could.

Discussed in this Episode

  • The person who told her to go for it: Her mom
  • Where she got the idea for her business: While working for Elite Daily on a very modest salary, coworkers kept asking about her packed lunches, saying, “How do you make all this!?!”
  • The course she bought to build her business: Zero to Launch by I Will Teach You to Be Rich
  • How she started growing her following: Reddit and giving away free content
  • How she manifests a profitable business: By “keeping her goals front and center,” writing all her goals on her calendar.
  • Her daily struggles: Getting subscribers to discuss her program and deciding which platform to house the conversation.
  • Advice to other entrepreneurs: Experiment with different options; you can’t sit in your office afraid to try different things.
  • What she tells herself when she needs to calm down: Don’t waste time freaking out. To be an entrepreneur you have to be resilient. You can’t let your mistakes hold you back.
  • Biggest struggle over the past year: Trying to offer a “premium” offering at $200 for an 8-week program, and only 17 people signed up

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