Episode 13: Dealing with online backlash, with Kiona of How to Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch

Kiona is the founder of How to Not Travel Like a Basic Bitch, an online travel blog turned community-sourced, social justice platform. After the encouragement from friends and family (and a whole bottle of wine) to publish an online travel resource, Kiona’s following exponentially grew to 70,000 visitors by year one. Today, Kiona consults ambassadors, city planners, and individuals on how to respectfully bridge the gap between cultures.

Kiona’s knowledge base and revenue streams are as varied as you’d expect from a solopreneur, stacking two masters degrees and a Phd against digital strategy, consulting, property management, and even nannying. She says her biggest struggles are time management and narrowing down how to define herself. Things she clearly doesn’t struggle with? Speaking up for herself and others, blocking people on Instagram, terrible DMs (including death threats), and her token butt pics.

  • Worst travel experience: Being sexually assaulted in Morocco
  • Favorite place to travel: Mexico
  • How many times she considers going back to a corporate life: daily
  • Best business trait: customer service, saying she used to lash out at people thinking that was the proper way to stick up for herself. Now, she battles contention with forgiveness and compassion
  • Bad business habit she’d love to break: Time management
  • Her number one fan: Her mom, who says, “I raised a really strong daughter, and if you want to capitalize on your strengths you’re not going to do that in an office.”
  • The number of people she met in real life from Instagram: 40
  • Upcoming projects in the works: Her book comes out around Thanksgiving!

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