Episode 12: How to evolve your business in 2018 with Juli Bauer of PaleOMG

You know Juli Bauer Roth as PaleOMG, a paleo-recipe site evolved into lifestyle blog. After graduating with a degree in exercise science and nutrition, she hustled at five different CrossFit gyms working for $17k a year, slowly building up her website. Years later, she’s the author of three cookbooks, a New York Times best-selling author, and collaborates with various brands across travel, food, and travel.

She doesn’t have an assistant, the notes section in her phone is her only project management system, and she never hired a branding agency. Juli navigated 7+ years of blogging by listening to her readers, watching trends, and listening to her intuition.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why she doesn’t discuss her exercise science or nutrition degree on her blog
  • The year she hustled coaching at 5 CrossFit gyms for $17k a year
  • How working out and competing in CrossFit lead to a 30 lb weight gain and cystic acne
  • The negative comments she received when she lost weight and was the, “healthiest she’d ever been.”
  • Why she says transitioning into workout and fashion posts was a smart business move, even though she received online backlash
  • She majored in exercise science, but never talks about her degree
  • Why she never talks about her husband or their relationship online
  • Her championship moment: The time she got paid more in one affiliate check than her previous year’s salary

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