Episode 11: Launching your business with your sister, with Maddie and Jenna of Senita Athletics

Senita Athletics launched in 2015 by two sisters, teammates, and friends, Jenna Transtrum and Maddie Carr. As former soccer players and D1 track athletes, they were determined to get back in shape. Describing themselves as, “humble girls who shop at Target and TJ Maxx,” they were disappointed by the prices offered to them. With no prior design or fashion experience themselves, they sought out manufacturers to bring their own line to life.

“Fitness shouldn’t be the benefit of the rich or the wealthy. We are firm in our belief that fitness is for everyone, and you shouldn’t be in a certain social class to be healthy,” says the Senita Sisters. AMEN. Jenna and Maddie tell us how they balance being moms (with 5 kiddos between the two of them!), wives, sisters, and business owners; how they’re so grateful to have each other, and why they value customer service above everything else.

Discussed in this episode

  • The scrappy, direct-to-consumer business model that allows them to sell each piece of clothing for under $40
  • How they manage “conflict management” as two sisters
  • How they built such a loyal following (and a super engaged Facebook group)
  • Why they believe that “being naive” and “unqualified” actually helped them succeed
  • Why being authentic to your core values is so important in a saturated market
  • Why it’s so import to believe in yourself and stick close to the people who are cheering you on
  • How they make time for themselves so they can spend time with their families
  • That time a manufacturer told them apparel was the WORST industry to enter

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