Episode 2: Developing multiple revenue streams and your own brand with Jillian Keaveny

Jillian Keaveny is a serial wellness entrepreneur, running the gamut between events, production, brick and mortar, and personal branding. She holds a stake in Compass Fitness, Denver Fit Fest, and Beach Movement Balance, all based in Denver, Colorado.

Originally from Colorado Springs, Jillian got her start in the fitness industry at lululemon. After becoming a yoga and fitness instructor, Jillian realized the connections made in a single fitness class could be scaled to a much larger audience. She organized and launched wellness events and retreats, creating a name for herself in the Rocky Mountain area.

Since the recording of this show, Compass Fitness, Jillian’s first co-owned gym, officially opened its doors. Congrats Jillian on your latest endeavor!

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Jillian went from an athlete, to opening her own gym, and becoming her very own fitness brand
  • Why Jillian decided Colorado Springs wasn’t where she was going to bloom, and Denver was the perfect place to flourish her fitness and yoga career
  • Balancing all of her gigs as an event producer, DJ, teacher, and friend
  • How she always asks for help from her mom and good friends around her
  • How scary it can be to start a new gig, become her own personal brand, and what’s next in the Denver fitness world

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