Episode 1: Launching your second location with Beth Bedingfield

Beth Bedingfield is the founder and owner of Transform studios in Denver, Colorado. After a D1 track scholarship brought her to Pepperdine University, Beth stayed in the area and got her career start in personal training at The Bar Method, LA. Beth coached Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Hudson, Julia Stiles, amongst others; and trained models working toward the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Knowing the height of her career was yet to come, she switched markets and moved to Denver, Colorado and launched her first solo studio. In this first episode of A-Cup, Beth talks about her business launch, her studio expansion, and balancing being a single mom.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Beth went from being nationally-ranked in swimming in high school to a DI track and cross-country athlete, to opening two studios
  • Why Beth left training Victoria’s Secret models and other celebrities in LA to moving to a new market in Denver
  • Balancing being a single mom and launching her first studio without a studio manager
  • How she prioritizes tasks so she NEVER procrastinates business tasks
  • How the launch of her first business was delayed 8 months
  • How Beth is moving into the food and beverage industry with the launch of her second studio

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