Episode 3: All the Hurdles of Launching Your First Space, with Alex Perrin

Alex Perrin is the co-founder and CEO of Cut Seven, a sports conditioning studio in Washington, DC. Alex opened the doors to Cut Seven in early 2017, and it has quickly become known as one of the toughest workouts in the city.

Alex is trying to strip the fitness industry of its “clicky” vibe and replace it with team camaraderie. A weight loss success story herself, Alex explains how building a team first was how she built her business. And she and husband Chris needed that team through all the stumbling blocks Cut Seven hit before opening its doors.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Alex lost 60 lbs training with the man who would later become her husband (and business partner)
  • How the dream of Cut Seven took seven years to open
  • How they opened a studio without any investor money and without collateral
  • How they ultimately had to sign a lease before they secured a loan
  • A MAJOR surprise that came to Chris and Alex before the business opened
  • How their team got them through it

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Cut Seven, Washington DC

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